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Quiz: What Breed Is My Mutt?

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Questions & Options

1. What is the mutt’s age?

28782 04 years old
28783 02 years old
28784 06 years old
28785 More than 6 years

2. Your mutt is:

28786 Male
28787 Female
28788 Not identified
28789 You don't know

3. Pick the best description of your mutt’s ears:

28790 Held pricked or erect
28791 Large and pointed by the tips
28792 Small or medium sized
28793 Erect but the top part hangs down in a V shape

4. What’s your mutt’s fur color?

28794 Black
28795 Yellow
28796 White
28797 Brown

5. How long is your mutt’s fur?

28798 Medium
28799 Long
28800 Short
28801 Don’t understand

6. Tell us more about your mutt’s fur:

28802 Its thick and dark
28803 Very curly
28804 Long and silky
28805 None of the above

7. What does your mutt’s head and face look like?

28806 Head and face is wrinkly
28807 Forehead is usually smooth but wrinkles appear when he/she in a alert mode
28808 Head is almost rectangular
28809 Blue eyes and cone-face shape

8. What does his/her skin look like?

28810 The skin on their body lies in folds, like big wrinkles
28811 sagging skin on the front of their neck
28812 The skin on their legs and feet pools into folds
28813 None of the above

9. Describe his/her feet:

28814 Webbed feet
28815 Legs are disproportionately short
28816 Back legs are a lot longer than their front legs
28817 Back legs are almost straight

10. How does his/her tail look?

28818 Bushy
28819 Curling forward over the back
28820 Short tail
28821 Has no tail
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