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What Dog Is Right For Me Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. Why do you want a dog?

34347 You love dogs
34348 You had previously your pet as dog
34349 Your friends/relatives do owe a dog
34350 Your kid is insisting

2. What quality do you expect to be in your dog?

34351 Calm and sweet
34352 Friendly
34353 Loving
34354 Protective

3. How will you acquire knowledge about treating a dog?

34355 Through books
34356 Through Internet
34357 Through friends/relatives
34358 Don't know

4. How much time would you be spending with the dog?

34359 Almost whole day
34360 Couple of hours in a day
34361 Depends over the work schedule
34362 Not much

5. Do you owe any other pet also?

34363 Yes, but not dog
34364 Yes, dog only
34365 No
34366 Had a dog but not now

6. What sort of personality do you expect your dog should have?

34367 Small
34368 Large
34369 Huge
34370 Not decided

7. What can be considered your major reason to get a dog?

34371 Time Pass
34372 To play
34373 To company you
34374 Your desire to get dog as your pet

8. How frequently will you be grooming your dog?

34375 Daily
34376 Once in a week
34377 Once in a month
34378 Whenever have time

9. Will you be providing your dog training?

34379 Yes
34380 No
34381 May be
34382 Will try

10. Will your dog be alone also at home?

34383 Yes, 2-3 hours
34384 No
34385 Sometimes
34386 Can't say
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