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Quiz: What Kind Of Dog Are You?

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Do you love dogs? Yes, well who does not? Dogs are undeniably one of the most loved animals both as a pet and as an animal. It is believed by millions of people that dogs bring out the positivity in anyone's life, also bringing happiness and removing sadness. But anyways we know that there are several types of dogs? Have you ever thought if you might be a dog, what type of dog you might be? What characteristics you might be possessing in you like a dog? For all the dog lovers, we bring you a very interesting quiz where you can know What Kind Of Dog Are You?

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1. What is your personality?

123076 Smart
123077 Generous
123078 Bold
123079 Quirky

2. How often do you take the stress?

123080 Often
123081 Very often
123082 Somewhat
123083 Rarely

3. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

123084 Introvert
123085 Extrovert
123086 Introverted Extrovert
123087 Extroverted Introvert

4. What are your plans on a Friday night?

123088 Party Time
123089 Sleeping
123090 A cupid date
123091 Binge watching Netflix

5. What is your favorite color?

123092 White
123093 Black
123094 Brown
123095 Grey

6. Choose your body type?

123096 Sporty
123097 Naturally thin
123098 Lanky
123099 Muscular

7. Choose the name of your memoir?

123100 Eat and love
123101 Just Friends
123102 Growing without roots
123103 How I learnt to love my mess?

8. What is your go-to dance move?

123104 Booty Dropping
123105 The Wiggle
123106 The Hippie
123107 Judging in the corner

9. Choose your way of curing a hangover?

123108 Fries
123109 Burger
123110 Pizza
123111 Coffee

10. What type of exercise do you prefer?

123112 Yoga
123113 Sprints
123114 Sex
123115 I'm a gym rat

11. Who is your favorite author?

123116 JK Rowling
123117 Ruskin Bond
123118 Nicholas Sparks
123119 Toni Marrison

12. Choose your favorite pop-star?

123120 Taylor Swift
123121 Justin Bieber
123122 Beyonce
123123 Britney Spears
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