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Dog Breed Selector Test: Which Dog Breed Should I Get Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. Do you have a yard?

21710 Yes I have my very own yard
21711 I don't have any
21712 There is some green spaces outside my home
21713 I don't have my very own yard yet my neighbors do

2. How enormous is your home?

21714 Very little
21715 I have so much space accessible
21716 Enough space
21717 It's really a big one

3. Which expression best portrays what you're searching for in a dog?

21718 Sporty, high-vitality hound
21719 Family-accommodating pooch
21720 A snuggle companion who needn't bother with huge amounts of activity
21721 A steadfast sidekick

4. What size dog would you say you are thinking about?

21722 I incline toward little one
21723 I incline toward medium mutts
21724 I lean toward huge pooches
21725 Any size is fine

5. What is the principal reason you need to get a dog?

21726 Companionship
21727 For assurance
21728 Because they are charming
21729 I need a companion

6. What sort of entertainment mecca ride best portrays the vitality in your home?

21730 Roller napkin
21731 Carousel
21732 Ferris wheel
21733 Log ride

7. What amount of time do you spend at home?

21734 Most of the day
21735 I'm home practically nothing
21736 Don't know
21737 Couple of hours at home each day

8. How shrewd would you like your dog to be?

21738 Smart enough
21739 Responsive
21740 Active
21741 Doesn't make any difference

9. How would you respond when another driver cuts you off while you're on the interstate?

21742 Lean on the horn however avoid his direction
21743 Accelerate and attempt to cut him off
21744 Slow down to give him some space
21745 Start yelling

10. What is your preferred breed?

21746 Beagle
21747 Poodle
21748 Pit Bull Terrier
21749 None of the above
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