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Quiz: What Dog Breed Am I?

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We love pets and it is rather weird to think self as a dog. It is very funny to know your character resembles to which particular breed of the pet. Dog tops the list of pet animals. Keeping a dog not only keeps you playful but it helps in a sense of security. It is a symbiotic bonding between you two. Well, attempt these interesting questions that reveal what dog breed character you are.

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1. Which is your favorite dog breed?

53138 Labrador Retriever
53139 German shepherd
53140 Bulldog
53141 Siberian husky

2. Had you ever had a pet, that too a dog?

53142 Yes, I am having now also
53143 Yes, I had one but he is no more
53144 Yes, but I have sold it
53145 No

3. Do anyone around you have a dog?

53146 Yes, my relatives
53147 Yes, my friends
53148 Yes, in my neighbors
53149 No

4. Which pet animal you like the most?

53150 Dog
53151 Cat
53152 Horse
53153 Fish

5. Which is your favorite dog color?

53154 Black
53155 Golden
53156 White
53157 Others

6. Which is your favorite hobby?

53158 Playing with my pet
53159 Playing video games
53160 Playing outdoor games
53161 Reading or writing

7. Do your other family members also like dogs?

53162 Yes, they love them
53163 Yes, but just because I love them
53164 No, they love cats
53165 No, they don't like pets

8. Do you own a pet dog?

53166 Yes, from a long time
53167 Yes, just had one
53168 No, but am planning to have one
53169 No, neither have plans currently

9. What you like most about dogs?

53170 Faithfull
53171 Love
53172 Bravery
53173 Others
Let’s start the quiz

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