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Bible Quiz: Who Am I?

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1. I chose my friend over my father. Even though I mourned, I was obedient to the Lord. Who am I?

154759 Paul
154760 Thomas
154761 Jonathan
154762 Aaron

2. I was rescued from certain death by the daughter of Pharaoh and raised as an Egyptian prince. Who am I?

154763 Moses
154764 Paul
154765 Mathew
154766 Felix

3. Many new Testament women share my first name. I was one of the many followers of Lord Jesus Christ. Who am I?

154767 Lydia
154768 Mary
154769 Martha
154770 Miriam

4. I allowed my love for unworthy women to destroy me and leave me astray. I gave my life to the Lord’s enemies after I found him. Who am I?

154771 Samson
154772 Elijah
154773 Jonathan
154774 Felix

5. I live among the lost in Pagan city, I was called upon to do a favor for his people and I risked my life to do it. Who am I?

154775 Mathew
154776 Rahab
154777 Thomas
154778 Paul

6. I am a teen girl who gave birth as a virgin. Who am I?

154779 Lydia
154780 Martha
154781 Mary
154782 Miriam

7. I was an opponent of Christians until I saw light while on the road to Damascus. Who am I?

154783 Thomas
154784 Peter
154785 Felix
154786 Paul

8. My wife and I claimed that we have turned all the proceeds of the sale of their property over to the early church. Who am I?

154787 Darius
154788 Aaron
154789 Ananias
154790 Peter

9. My 12-year-old daughter was raised from death by the Lord. Who am I?

154791 Jacob
154792 Darius
154793 Jair
154794 Jairus

10. I was the only one out of the twelve disciples to stay at the crucifixion. Who am I?

154795 John
154796 Thomas
154797 Mathew
154798 Simon
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