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Ultimate Trivia Quiz on Republic Day of India! How Much You Know About Republic Day of India?

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India attained its Independence on 15 August 1947 and celebrates its Republic Day on 26 January 1950. Republic Day pays respect to the date on which the Constitution of India came into effect after replacing the Government of India Act (1935) as the governing document of India. The Constitution was adopted and completed by the Indian Constituent Assembly on 26 November 1949, and it came into effect on 26 January 1950. On this day, the President of India along with a chief guest and hundreds of civilians gathers at the India Gate to honor the State-wise representation and all the three forces of India i.e. Army, Navy and Air Force. Let's test yourself with the Republic Day of India quiz.

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1. Who was the chairman of the drafting committee of the Constitution of India?

40903 Mahatma Gandhi
40904 Dr BR Ambedkar
40905 Pandit Jawaharal Nehru
40906 Lal Bahadur Shastri

2. Where is the main Republic Day celebration held?

40907 Mumbai
40908 New Delhi
40909 Hyderabad
40910 Kolkata

3. Who organizes the Republic Day parade?

40915 Ministry of Human Capital
40916 Ministry of Defense
40917 Ministry of Law
40918 Ministry of Affairs

4. Who takes the salute of the Indian Armed Forces?

40919 Prime Minister
40920 Chief Guest
40921 Chief Justice of India
40922 President

5. On that day who began with the first term of office as President of the Indian Union?

40923 Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru
40924 Dr BR Ambedkar
40925 Dr Rajendra Prasad
40926 Mahatma Gandhi

6. Who is invited as the state guest of honor for Republic Day celebrations?

40927 President/ Head of State of another country
40928 Chief Justice of another country
40929 Chief Minister of another state
40930 HRD Minister of another country

7. Who is the commander of the chief of Indian Armed Forces?

40931 Prime Minister of India
40932 President of India
40933 Chief Justice of India
40934 Judge of Supreme Court

8. Which is the highest civilian award in India?

40935 Padhma Bhushan
40936 Padma Vibhushan
40937 Bharat Ratna
40938 Padma Shri

9. What civilian award is recognized for "exceptional and distinguished service"?

40943 Padma Vibhushan
40944 Bharat Ratna
40945 Padma Shru
40946 Padma Bhushan

10. Which Civilian award is recognized as the "distinguished service of a high order"?

40947 Padma Bhushan
40948 Bharat Ratna
40949 Padma Vibhushan
40950 Padma Shri
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