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What Should My Name Be Quiz

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Have you at any point imagined that your name sometimes falls short for you? Discover what you should have been named! If yes, then answer a few questions and get to know what your name should be. Note: This quiz is made just for entertainment purpose only.

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1. What was your best subject in high school?

20862 English
20863 Science
20864 Mathematics
20865 History

2. What music would you like to tune in?

20866 Shake
20867 Pop
20868 Love Songs
20869 Old style

3. What sort of bloom do you like the most?

20870 Rose
20871 Daisy
20872 Moon Flower
20873 Carnation

4. Regular inquiry, what's your preferred shading?

20874 Orange
20875 Violet
20876 Green
20877 Yellow

5. On the off chance that there an opportunity to relocate to another nation which nation do you like?

20878 Hongkong
20879 USA
20880 UK
20881 Peru

6. Which season does look the best for you?

20882 Summer
20883 Harvest time
20884 Winter
20885 Spring

7. What is your preferred game?

20886 Hockey
20887 Football
20888 B-ball
20889 Volleyball

8. What’s your absolute favorite genre of film?

20890 Comedy
20891 Action
20892 Horror
20893 All of them

9. Do people ever come to you for their lives advice?

20894 All the time
20895 Close friends
20896 Sometimes
20897 Not really

10. What would you like to have?

20898 Red wine
20899 Soda
20900 Juice
20901 Beer
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