Are You Rich Or Are You Poor? Quiz

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Am I a Dominant or Submissive Personality Quiz
Rich characterization is defined as having a lot of money or possessions, valuable meaningful, or significant. Poor characterization is defined as deficient in amount or indicating poverty. Mostly it is seen that Poor people spend their money and save what's left whereas Rich people save their money and spend what's left. Rich people are no happier, and perhaps even unhappier, than poor people. It's observed that rich people can choose not to work and live off revenue generated through investing. Most of the time the rich work so that they like what they do not because they need money. Poor people work for money, they neither save nor invest it. The rich mindset values growth is proactive and is driven by goals rather than wishes whereas the poor mind focuses on problems rather than solutions is reactive to circumstances, views failures as setbacks, and is largely driven by fear and scarcity, often prioritizing immediate comfort over long-term gains.

Questions Excerpt

1. How much do you spend according to your paycheck?

A. Spend 100%

B. Spend 75%

C. Spend 50%

D. Spend 25%

2. Which industry would you prefer to work in?

A. Information Technology

B. Pharmacy

C. Education

D. Legal

3. When lastly you checked your credit score?

A. An year ago

B. A day ago

C. Never

D. Six months ago

4. How do you prefer to feed yourself?

A. Eat fast food

B. Buy Pre-cooked meals

C. Order online

D. Home cooked food

5. What items according to you are dumb purchases?

A. Lottery Tickets

B. Raffle Tickets

C. Movie Tickets

D. Entertainment Tickets

6. Where do you live?

A. Suburbs

B. Rural Area

C. Big City

D. Small Town

7. What do you prefer to have in your backyard?

A. Fruits

B. Flowers

C. Vegetables

D. Nothing

8. Do you own any real estate?

A. Paid off already

B. Schedule to pay

C. Falling behind on payments

D. No

9. Which one is an app that invests your spare change?

A. Bingo

B. Acorn

C. Chestnut

D. Almond

10. How do you pay your recurring monthly expenses or bills?

A. Pay Online

B. Pay in cash

C. Automatic debit

D. Through cheque

11. Do you have any plans for your retirement?

A. Save little every month

B. 401k Plan

C. Invest in Roth IRA

D. No plans

12. Do you pay late payments on your credit cards?

A. Every month

B. Ocassionally

C. Don't owe s credit card

D. Never


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