How Many Pigs Am I Worth? Quiz

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Am I a Dominant or Submissive Personality Quiz
Pigs are one of the most famous animals, they provide a lot of protein and are the most crucial source of meat for humans. Pigs were also valued as a commodity. In ancient times pigs were used as symbols to represent family ties and also to commemorate loved ones who passed away from those families. In consideration of livestock, pigs are one of the most popular choices as they require less space than other animals like cows, horses, or chickens. Pigs are incredibly fast, their meat tastes delicious and their skin is valued enough to make leather, also counted as good at providing fertilizer for crops, which are also known to be an excellent investment for farmers without jeopardizing the environment at large. Pig farming in America began when European settlers brought domesticated pigs to North America.

Questions Excerpt

1. Among the following what can be counted as your strength?

A. Concentration

B. Creativity

C. Patience

D. Kindness

2. What do you fear the most in your life?

A. Financial Unsuitability

B. Loosing self confidence

C. To be alone

D. Not being successful

3. What makes you angry and annoyed?

A. Noises

B. Lies

C. Abusive attitude

D. Illiteracy

4. What do you like to do to chill your mood?

A. Read Comics

B. Watch comedy show

C. Crack sarcastic jokes

D. Make fun of someone

5. If you are asked to spend a day as per your desire, what would you like to do?

A. Travel

B. Doing sports

C. Take rest

D. Meet friends and family

6. How well-trained are you to juggle?

A. Proficient

B. Advanced

C. Can manage to juggle

D. Not able to do at all

7. What type of music you like?

A. Electronic

B. Classical

C. Pop

D. Rock

8. What type of food do you like to eat?

A. Pasta Pizza

B. Milk products

C. Meat

D. Green veggies

9. What do you mostly do in your evenings?

A. Read books

B. Watch movies

C. Go for hangout

D. Play games

10. What is your ideal vacation place?

A. Hawaii

B. Egypt

C. Vienna & Prague

D. Switzerland

11. What would be your plans if you get infinite wealth?

A. Keep it safe

B. Buy expensive gadgets

C. End poverty

D. Donate most of it

12. What would you prefer to travel?

A. Car

B. Bike

C. Public Transportation

D. Walk


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