What Kind of Gang Member Are You? Quiz

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Am I a Dominant or Submissive Personality Quiz
No doubt about the fact that each one of us is somewhere always wondering about how our personality is! Since we know how our personalities change, we often wonder what if we were this or that or anything we might get charmed with. But, what if we get the question regarding being a gang member of any famous group? The first question that comes to mind here is can I be a gang member? Do I have that kind of engaging personality in me? Can I prove useful at all? Well, are you also in the same thoughts or questions? Then, worry not! This amazing personality quiz is just meant for you. Try it out get to know yourself better and see which member are you.

Questions Excerpt

1. Your reaction when faced with danger is:

A. Face it head-on with courage

B. Assess the situation and plan a safe escape

C. Freeze or panic

D. Call for backup and prepare for a fight

2. In a group project, you tend to:

A. Take charge and delegate tasks

B. Collaborate and listen to others' ideas

C. Do your part but avoid leading

D. Form a tight-knit group to work together

3. Your ideal vacation destination is:

A. A bustling city with nightlife

B. A peaceful countryside

C. A remote beach

D. Anywhere with your friends

4. Your preferred drink is:

A. Whiskey or strong liquor

B. Tea or coffee

C. Water or juice

D. Cocktails or energy drinks

5. How do you feel about rules and authority figures?

A. Rules are made to be broken

B. Respect authority and follow the rules

C. Rules are a suggestion, not a requirement

D. Challenge authority and question the rules

6. What's your approach to personal conflicts?

A. Confront the person directly

B. Talk it out and find a compromise

C. Avoid confrontations

D. Bring your crew to back you up

7. Your favorite type of movie is:

A. Action and crime dramas

B. Romantic comedies or dramas

C. Adventure or fantasy

D. Thrillers and suspense

8. When it comes to leadership, you:

A. Lead with authority and charisma

B. Lead through diplomacy and compromise

C. Prefer not to lead

D. Lead as part of a team

9. Your go-to accessory is:

A. A bandana or cap

B. A watch or necklace

C. Sunglasses

D. Tattoos or piercings

10. You often find yourself in conflicts due to:

A. Defending your territory

B. Misunderstandings

C. Avoiding conflicts at all costs

D. Standing up for your friends

11. Your preferred hangout spot is:

A. Abandoned warehouses or back alleys

B. Coffee shops or libraries

C. Parks or nature trails

D. Nightclubs or bars

12. How do you handle betrayal?

A. Seek revenge

B. Try to forgive and move on

C. Cut ties and move on

D. Rally your allies to confront the betrayer

13. What's your favorite type of vehicle?

A. Motorcycle

B. Sedan

C. Bicycle

D. Customized van or truck

14. Your motto in life is:

A. "Survival of the fittest"

B. "Peace and harmony"

C. "Live and let live"

D. "Strength in numbers"

15. Your fashion sense can be described as:

A. Streetwise and edgy

B. Classic and timeless

C. Casual and laid-back

D. Flashy and attention-grabbing


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