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How Much You Know About Roman Reigns Professional Wrestler? Take This Roman Reigns Trivia Quiz

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Big-Dog is the biggest superstar in WWE. He shows always dedication in his match with every superstar in WWE. Now a day roman fan following is increasing day by day. Roman Reigns makes his WWE debut on 12 Nov 2012. He is born on May 25, 1985, in US Florida. His real name is "leita joseph annao" but his ring name is roman reigns he is also known by many names that powerhouse but currently he is known by a big dog. His main achievement is when he beat the undertaker on main Wrestlemania event in 2017. Roman reigns also won a royal rumble in 2015 to became the main event in Wrestlemania in 2015. He became the 4 times main event in WrestleMania. Currently, He is the face of the WWE company. He is the best wrestler in WWE. He also a football player. He is also one time Us champion, Intercontinental champion and one-time tag team champion also.

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1. When did roman reigns beat the Johncena in which pay per view?

27310 In Summer slam
27311 In No mercy
27312 In hell in a cell
27313 In tlc

2. Roman reigns, known by which team name in WWE?

27314 A wyatt family
27315 A club
27316 A shield
27317 A new day

3. Roman Reigns Cousins Brother name is.....

27318 Jimmy or jey Uso
27319 The rock
27320 Triple h
27321 kane

4. How many times roman reigns beat the Beast slayer Brock Lesner?

27322 2 times
27323 1 times
27324 0 times
27325 4 times

5. Roman reigns won his first match against which superstar in WWE?

27326 C M Punk
27327 Undertaker
27328 Johncena
27329 Seth Rollins

6. Roman reigns won us champion against which superstar?

27330 The Miz
27331 The Rusev
27332 Dean Ambrose
27333 Aj style

7. Roman reigns first tag team match women partner name?

27334 A Charlotte Flair
27335 A Becky lynch
27336 A Rondo Rousey
27337 A Sasha Banks

8. What is the name of Roman Reigns wife?

27338 A Lita
27339 A Mickey James
27340 A Alexa Bliss
27341 A Galina Becker

9. Since how many times roman reigns playing Football in Pensacola?

27342 For 1 year
27343 For 5 year
27344 For 3 year
27345 For 2 year

10. When did he sign the contract with WWE company?

27346 In 2011
27347 In 2012
27348 In 2010
27349 In 2008

11. WWE Roman reigns beat which superstar in Fastlane?

27350 A Braun Strowman
27351 A Cm Punk
27352 A Triple H
27353 A Bray Wyatt

12. Which shot of roman reigns is famous in WWE company?

27354 A pedigree
27355 A third stop
27356 A spear
27357 A Rkl
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