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Ultimate Trivia Quiz On Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger, a very common name we must have heard of and a very common face too that we all are familiar with. He is one of the nicest faces of Hollywood who has gained enough popularity in his time. He is one of the very famous as well as a very talented actor. Not just this, he is also a very powerful American- Austrian politician, filmmaker, successful businessman, and an inspiring bodybuilder. He is actually an inspiration for millions of people. Let us now have a look at the trivia quiz and see how much you actually know about the gentleman.

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1. What is the birthdate of Arnold Schwarzenegger?

34567 21 December 1948
34568 30 July 1947
34569 6 February 1946
34570 18 March 1945

2. What is the favorite color of Arnold Schwarzenegger?

34571 Red
34572 Maroon
34573 Yellow
34574 Black

3. What number of Governer was Arnold Schwarzenegger?

34575 28
34576 57
34577 42
34578 38

4. What is the height of Arnold Schwarzenegger?

34579 1.88 meters
34580 1.76 meters
34581 1.58 meters
34582 1.39 meters

5. What is the father's name of Arnold Schwarzenegger?

34583 Philips
34584 Roanldo
34585 Gustav
34586 Albert

6. When did Arnold Schwarzenegger started lifting weights ?

34587 17 years
34588 21 years
34589 10 years
34590 14 years

7. What position Arnold Schwarzenegger held in his first Mr. Universe Competition?

34591 3rd
34592 2nd
34593 1st
34594 Didn't Qualified

8. When did Arnold Schwarzenegger won the Mr. Universe Title?

34595 17
34596 18
34597 19
34598 20

9. Who was the English coach of Arnold Schwarzenegger?

34599 William De Lure
34600 Robert Frost
34601 Kayne West
34602 Roger C. Field

10. When did Arnold Schwarzenegger captured his first Mr. Olympia title?

34603 23
34604 24
34605 25
34606 26

11. What is the name of first film of Arnold Schwarzenegger?

34607 Quantico
34608 Hercules in New York
34609 Doctor Strange
34610 Avengers

12. When did Arnold Schwarzenegger was seen in James Cameron’s “The Terminator?

34611 1983
34612 1980
34613 1984
34614 1990

13. How much collection did the movie Terminator 2 got?

34615 $237.8 million
34616 $567.5 million
34617 $345.9 million
34618 $518.9 million

14. When was Arnold Schwarzenegger named by the National Association of Theater Owners as the “International Star of the Decade?

34619 1993
34620 1994
34621 1995
34622 1996

15. With how many votes did Arnold Schwarzenegger won the elections?

34623 2 million
34624 1.7 million
34625 2.4 million
34626 1.3 million
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