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Quiz: Do You Have Expensive Taste?

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Everyone loves luxuries! Don't they? Your penchant for luxury things reflects the liking for finer things. The premium products by big well-known companies or hi-end products give a royal feeling and put comfort at the forefront. Do you have expensive taste? Well, if you didn’t think beyond designer labels check if you are obsessed with expensive things. Take the quiz and find out.

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1. How much salary or pocket money do you spend on cosmetics every month?

90310 Less than 10%
90311 About 10%
90312 10-20%
90313 Negligible

2. Pick your mascara for the deep impact…

90314 Dior Addict-it
90315 Chanel Le Volume
90316 MAC
90317 L'Oréal Voluminous Carbon Black Waterproof Mascara

3. What is your preferred brand for a casual evening?

90318 Anthropologie
90319 Champion
90320 Ralph Lauren
90321 Betsey Johnson

4. Pick your bag style out of these?

90322 Tote
90323 Messenger
90324 A quilted shoulder bag
90325 Leather satchel bag

5. Your brand for a lifetime is….

90326 Madison
90327 American Eagle
90328 Converse
90329 Calvin Klein

6. Which of these pairs of sneakers from Nike matches your style?

90330 Rosh one
90331 Air Jordan III OG
90332 Air Jordan 4 undefeated
90333 Vlone x Nike Air Force 1 High

7. Which of these are America's biggest sale days of the Year?

90334 Black Friday
90335 New Year
90336 President’s Day
90337 Independence Day

8. How much money would you spend on a handbag?

90338 About $75
90339 About $150
90340 About $1000
90341 No limit for excellent quality

9. Which car do you own?

90342 Fiat
90343 Tesla
90344 Audi
90345 BMW

10. How many times you dine-out?

90386 Once a week
90387 Once every fortnight
90388 Never
90389 Rarely
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