Quiz: What's Your Motivation Style?

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Motivation style is the characteristic manner in which an individual seeks or finds the motivation to perform a task. These categories are based on individual differences in motivation, including but not limited to intrinsic–extrinsic motivation, mastery orientation, and competitiveness. The essence of motivation is energized and persistent goal-directed behavior, which implies our motivation and the action we take. It can also be influenced by the satisfaction of needs that are either necessary for sustaining life or essential for well-being and growth. There can be various motivational or inspirational stories that may bring hope, promise, and encouragement. Motivation is a mandate for us as it allows us to change behavior, develop competencies, be creative, set goals, grow interests, make plans, develop talents, and boost engagement. It also helps a person to develop positivity and vision in achieving goals.

Questions Excerpt

1. What would you like to do once you reach your destination?

A. Take pictures

B. Observe surrounding

C. Meditate

D. Splash around

2. Why do you smile at people?

A. Way to greet

B. Way to be polite

C. Way to showcase a love

D. Conventional to communicate

3. What type of physical activities do you like to do?

A. Skilled - Golf, Rowing, Tennis

B. Calming - Yoga, Walk, Tai Chi

C. Fun - Swimming, Volleyball

D. Competitive - Cricket

4. What kind of role would you like to play in any community play?

A. Producer

B. Actor

C. Costume Designer

D. Stage Manager

5. How do you overcome a bad day?

A. Go out with friends

B. Overthink about it

C. Discuss with someone

D. Try to figure out

6. Where would you love to visit?

A. Cancun

B. Iceland

C. New York

D. Anywhere out of my place

7. What type of movies do you like to watch?

A. Learn something

B. Achieve something

C. Life changing experience

D. Creative

8. What gets you out of bed every morning?

A. Responsibility

B. Boredom

C. Achievement

D. New Day

9. What will be your biggest consideration while you buy a car?

A. Comfort

B. Cost

C. Functionality

D. Appearance

10. What do you usually think of while you are settled for a lazy nap?

A. Universe

B. Weekend

C. Inventions

D. Expenses

11. Your neighborhood is having a fundraiser yard sale, what will be your involvement in it?

A. Will enquire to donate all of our proceeds

B. Will enquire if any fun activities like baking or washing planned

C. WIll enquire number of people participating

D. Will Ignore

12. What is breakfast to you?

A. On the go

B. Top-up

C. Fuel

D. Taste


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