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Quiz: Which ‘Woke’ Character Are You?

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It is the year to get ‘Woke’ and identify racism as a real problem which the 2020 tv series has successfully portrayed comically. Keef waking up to racism and seeing inanimate objects talking is enough to crack us up but also makes us ‘woke’ as well. But are you ‘woke’ enough? Or are you still in denial like Keef was? Take the quiz to find out which character matches best with your personality.

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1. What is your ethnicity?

127729 White
127730 Black
127731 Asian
127732 Other

2. What is your dream job?

127737 Journalist
127738 Artist
127739 Teacher
127740 Lawyer

3. If you witness a racial crime, you would _______?

127741 Start screaming for help
127742 Help the victim
127743 Record it for evidence
127744 Ignore and walk away

4. Do you trust the cops?

127749 Yes
127750 Mostly
127751 Not anymore
127752 Never trusted them

5. If your pen starts talking to you, you would?

127753 Think it’s cool
127754 Become friends
127755 Freak out and scream
127756 Make a video and become famous

6. How often do you ignore your problems?

127757 As long as possible
127758 Long enough to make it worst
127759 Only sometimes
127760 Very often

7. If your friend needed a wakeup call, you would ___, ____?

127761 Do it yourself
127762 Plan an intervention
127763 Give him hints
127764 Do nothing

8. How do you want to live your life?

127765 Peacefully
127766 Carefree
127767 Having lots of adventures
127768 Fighting for a cause

9. How would your friends describe you?

127773 Funny
127774 Radical
127775 Romantic
127776 Confused

10. What is your biggest flaw?

127777 Being a push-over
127778 Too eccentric
127779 Too romantic
127780 Over-critical
Let’s start the quiz

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