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Quiz: What Religion Am I?

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What belief we follow and what principles do we set up for our life decides about our religion. No one can be forced to follow any particular religion at sake of society, culture or for anyone. Our behavior, attitude and conversations are enough to describe our beliefs and gratitude for the religion, thus we should always be simple with our life and path. Thus, what religion you are is only about your belief and thoughts. Let's take this quiz & know your religion. (This is only for fun, please do not take serious).

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1. According to you what is the major factor or principle that describes about the strong believer of religion?

53174 Humanity
53175 Wisdom
53176 Knowledge
53177 Religious Practice

2. What is the favorite dish or choice of food of yours?

53178 Anything in Veg
53179 Anything in Non-veg
53180 Eggetarian
53181 All depending over mood

3. What quality do you prefer the most?

53182 Faithfulness
53183 Peace
53184 Honesty
53185 Religious Belief

4. What is the most important thing that grants you happiness?

53186 Large Saving account
53187 Friends/Family
53188 Internal Peace
53189 Sleeping

5. What do you think which religion attracts you the most?

53190 Buddhist
53191 Jewish
53192 Christian
53193 Pagan

6. What do you feel what is the basic role or responsibilities of government?

53194 To control us
53195 To look after are need
53196 To manage the constitution
53197 To secure economy of country

7. According to you what rights should be granted to a women?

53198 Equal to men
53199 Should be given respect rather
53200 Right of individual identity
53201 All that are needed

8. List any one country you want to visit or travel all?

53202 India
53203 Iraq
53204 Rome
53205 Anywhere

9. What do you feel about following the religion should it be imposed or not?

53206 Yes, must be same as followed by ancestors
53207 No,one must have the right to choose
53208 No views
53209 Never thought about it

10. How frequently do you worship?

53210 Twice a day
53211 Daily
53212 Once in week
53213 Ocassionally
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