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Ultimate Trivia Quiz On Gordon Ramsay

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Chefs are loved by everyone since everyone loves food and who doesn't likes to learn out new recipes and loves to eat as well. Being a a chef is really hard since you have to be extraordinary everyday and also make amazing dishes because they are guides to many youngsters who might love to or dream of becoming a chef. One such amazing chef who has been favorite for everyone is none other than Gordon James Ramsay OBE, who is professionally as well as personally known as Gordon Ramsay. Let us now have a look at the very amazing trivia quiz and see how much you can answer about the extremely amazing chef !

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1. What is the birthdate of Gordon Ramsay?

63886 6 February
63887 16 January
63888 8 November
63889 23 April

2. Which country does Gordon Ramsay belong to?

63890 Britain
63891 China
63892 America
63893 Africa

3. What is the nationality of Gordon Ramsay?

63894 American
63895 African
63896 British
63897 Chinese

4. How many kids does Gordon Ramsay has?

63898 19
63899 4
63900 2
63901 5

5. What other occupation does Gordon Ramsay follow?

63902 Singer
63903 Television Personality
63904 Dancer
63905 Player

6. What is the cooking style of Gordon Ramsay?

63906 French
63907 Italian
63908 British
63909 All of the above

7. How many Michelin stars does Gordon Ramsay's hotel owns?

63910 18
63911 16
63912 14
63913 12

8. What is the height of Gordon Ramsay?

63914 1.89 meters
63915 1.67 meters
63916 1.82 meters
63917 1.88 meters

9. What is the name of wife of Gordon Ramsay?

63918 Tana
63919 Jennifer
63920 Genelia
63921 Kiara

10. Which book has been written by Gordon Ramsay?

63922 The great art of cooking
63923 Gordon Ramsay's ultimate cookery course
63924 Gordon's book of cook
63925 The cooking reality

11. How much does Gordon Ramsay earn a year?

63926 $342,890
63927 $100,000
63928 $225,000
63929 $678,90

12. How many restaurants does Gordon Ramsay own?

63930 56
63931 41
63932 19
63933 35

13. What ranking does Gordon Ramsay holds as a chef?

63934 1
63935 2
63936 3
63937 4

14. What is the worth of Gordon Ramsay?

63938 $34 million
63939 $78 million
63940 $54 million
63941 $23 million

15. What is the favorite color of Gordon Ramsay?

63942 Blue
63943 Black
63944 Green
63945 Red
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