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Quiz: What Kind of Bike Should I Get?

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Bikes are man’s best machines. Men and women ride bikes for fun and passion. In addition to this, it is a fad. There are plenty of bikes available in the market and one has a plethora of options to choose from. Bikes are a luxurious piece of an engineering marvel. Are you a fan of machines? In order to find out what kind of bike should you get, take this quiz and clear your doubts with ease.

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1. What is your driving age?

54630 20 Years
54631 25 Years
54632 30 Years
54633 35 Years

2. What kind of bike do you prefer?

54634 Sports bikes
54635 Mountain bikes
54636 Commuter bikes
54637 Road bikes

3. How much does your bike cost?

54638 50000 dollars
54639 75000 dollars
54640 110000 dollar
54641 125000 dollars

4. How different is your bike from others?

54642 Very different
54643 Quite similar
54644 Almost similar
54645 Better than others

5. Does your bike let you down?

54646 No not at all
54647 Yes sometimes
54648 Always
54649 I am not sure about it

6. Is your bike liked by everyone?

54650 Yes by a favorable margin
54651 To some extent
54652 No people hate it
54653 I prefer not to say

7. Do you get ratings for your bike?

54654 Yes of course
54655 Rather sometimes
54656 Ratings don’t bother me
54657 Can’t say anything about it

8. Does your bike enhance your status in society?

54658 Yes, people respect me all the time
54659 Sometimes
54660 No, it does not
54661 I am not sure about it

9. Are you able to flaunt your bike among your peers?

54662 Yes, it allows me to do so
54663 No, I am not able to do so
54664 Rarely am I able to do
54665 I cannot judge what my peers think

10. What is bad about your bike?

54666 It is expensive
54667 It is intense
54668 It is quite heavy
54669 I cannot say anything about it
Let’s start the quiz

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