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What Job Should I Get Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. Pick any one that describes you the best at office hours?

11305 Advice giver
11306 Good at communicating
11307 Argumentative
11308 Funny

2. How important is money for you?

11309 I just want to do what I love, and maybe even be famous
11310 Very important. I want to provide for my family and myself
11311 Not important at all, as long as I am happy I don't care one bit
11312 Kind of importan

3. What might you want to do at work?

11313 Entertain people
11314 Figure out the things and work with clients while going to different places
11315 Work in an office and have conversations
11316 Be in front of people and help them

4. What kind of person are you?

11317 Good at talking in front of people rather than their back
11318 Very outgoing and friendly
11319 Good at taking notes and figuring out how to solve a problem
11320 Good at figuring things out and fighting for what you believe in

5. What do you love most of all?

11321 Power
11322 To create something that inspires people
11323 Want to explore new horizons of success
11324 Money

6. If you were stuck behind a desk all day what will you do?

11325 That'd be just fine
11326 I will continue my work to impress my boss
11327 I would get bored
11328 I’d hate it

7. Do you care what other individuals think about you?

11329 Yes, but not too much that it controls everything I do
11330 Not at all
11331 I live and die by it
11332 Yes, and much more than I should

8. Who are you in personal life?

11333 I love to talk to everyone
11334 If I am correct at my side I will argue and make my thing right
11335 I love kids
11336 I love it when people watching me more than anything

9. What skill would you choose for based on your talent?

11337 Words
11338 Exploring
11339 Numbers
11340 None of the above

10. Where do you see yourself in 8 years?

11341 Any country I’ve never been before
11342 Be my boss
11343 Marriage to a rich person and live my life
11344 Doing the same thing I'm doing now. Perhaps with a couple of grey hairs
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