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What is Your Romance Type Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. According to you, which gesture is important for love?

4672 Giving a big flower bouquet to your lover
4673 Offering chocolate to your lover
4674 Offering gifts every month
4675 You can’t think of one

2. If you want to spend good time with your partner then which century is best for you and why?

4676 The 19th Century, because after all it is known as the Romantic Century
4677 Antiquity, because people had great ambitions
4678 Prehistory, because at least there were fewer people
4679 The 20th century, especially in the 1920s because people were true fashionistas

3. Choose one place for your romantic date……

4680 Paris, because French is such a sexy language
4681 Spain because you’ll get to see the Flamenco dancers
4682 London, because there’s something romantic about drinking tea and eating biscuits with someone you love
4683 Japan, because of the culture, which makes you want to fall in love again

4. Do you act romantic with your common friend?

4684 No
4685 Yes, why not
4686 No, because their comments would only kill the moment
4687 No, you just don’t see how it would work out

5. Which one is more romantic, men or women?

4688 Men, because they have so many options when it comes to romantic gifts
4689 Women, because they are sincere with their gesture
4690 Women, because they can be consistent
4691 Men, because they really invest themselves into being romantic

6. In your point of view, which people are more romantic?

4692 America, because they like big things
4693 In India because you can sense it through their movies
4694 In France, because at least they can pretend to be romantic by cooking excellent food
4695 In Brazil, because people are pressured to please very beautiful people

7. What is your favorite color?

4696 Blue, because it’s so appeasing
4697 Pink because it’s so feminine and delicate
4698 Red, because it evokes sex and sensuality
4699 White because it evokes cleanliness and purity

8. According to you, which word is more romantic?

4700 I love you
4701 Surprise
4702 Here’s the code to my bank account
4703 What do you want me to get you, today?

9. According to you, at which men are more romantic?

4704 In their twenties
4705 In their thirties
4706 In their forties
4707 In their sixties

10. Do you think that money is important for romance?

4708 Yes, how would they ever afford anything?
4709 No, because not everyone is greedy and cruel
4710 No because all gifts are not meant to be expensive
4711 Yes, because being a romantic person is like an investment
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