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Major Landforms of the Earth Quiz
3 Played 25-Oct-2020
Mountains, plateaus, and plains are some of the major terrains of the earth. Natural processes such as weathering, water, elevation, submergence, and erosion ar...

Quiz: How Much You Know About Minerals?
191 Played 14-Sep-2020
Minerals are present in our body and basically it present in the form of the compound of sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, copper, iron, iodine, sulfur an...

Quiz: How Much You Know About Rocks And Minerals?
19 Played 14-Sep-2020
Minerals are solid chemical compounds with a well-defined crystal lattice that repeats itself in space. Minerals can be made up of one or more elements in vario...

Quiz: How Much You Know About Evaluation of Landforms?
26 Played 25-Oct-2020
Landscaping is a natural or artificial feature of the solid surface of the body of the Earth or other planets. This may include large features such as plains, p...