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Ultimate Trivia Quiz About The Electromagnetic Spectrum In Physics

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The electromagnetic spectrum is distributing electromagnetic radiations based on their frequency or wavelength, known as the electromagnetic spectrum, that is, distributing electromagnetic radiations based on frequency or wavelength based on frequency or wavelength. is done. Strips of electromagnetic radiation are formed which are called the electromagnetic spectrum. The electromagnetic spectrum of various electromagnetic waves is shown in the figure below, in which the wavelengths from left to right are placed in increasing order of magnitude. For most of history, visible light was the only known part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The ancient Greeks recognized that light traveled in straight lines and studied some of its properties, including reflection and refraction. Let's know more about The Electromagnetic Spectrum In Physics.

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1. Whenever electromagnetic waves exist in a medium with the matter, their wavelength is ........

63486 Decreased
63487 Constant
63488 Increase
63489 None of these

2. Which color comes between blue and violet on the visible spectrum of light?

63490 Orange
63491 Green
63492 Indigo
63493 None of these

3. The wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation, regardless of which medium they are traveling, are commonly cited in terms of which wavelengths?

63494 Dence wavelength
63495 Vacuum wavelength
63496 Rare wavelength
63497 All of the above

4. Which color comes between yellow and blue on the visible spectrum of light?

63498 Red
63499 Orange
63500 Green
63501 All of the above

5. Generally, electromagnetic radiation is classified by which of the following?

63502 Wavelength into a radio wave
63503 Microwave
63504 Infrared
63505 All of the above

6. The behavior of EM radiation depends on its ............

63506 Wavelength
63507 Microwave
63508 Infrared
63509 Visible light

7. Which is the value of Planck's constant?

63510 06.62607015×10−34
63511 16.62607015×10−34
63512 8.62607015×10−34
63513 26.62607015×10−34

8. The ________ of a light wave is how fast it goes up and down.

63514 Frequency
63515 Amplitude
63516 Wavelength
63517 All of the above

9. What we can see is called the range of frequencies of that light.

63518 Chromatic spectrum
63519 Visible spectrum
63520 Audible spectrum
63521 Open spectrum

10. Which are the three additive primary colors?

63522 Red
63523 Blue
63524 Green
63525 All of the above
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