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Men And Boys Haircut Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. How long do you like your hair?

165452 Short
165453 Long on the top short on the sides
165454 Idk/All of them
165455 A little longer than average
165456 Medium
165457 Long

2. If the barber were to shave your head right now how would you respond?

165459 Cry
165460 Cus, yell, scream maybe punch him a couple times
165461 Much lighter I guess
165462 Shave barbers head in revenge

3. How do you like to style your hair?

165464 I don't like to style my hair
165465 I tie it up in a not or a bun or I slick it back
165466 I spike it up with gel or something else
165467 I angle it with my hand and a comb
165468 I use my hands to style it
165469 I brush it

4. How much time do you want to spend on your hair in the mornings?

165470 0 to 5 minutes
165471 5 to 10 minutes
165472 As long as it takes
165473 20 to 30 minutes
165474 15 to 20 minutes
165475 An hour or so

5. How would you describe yourself?

165476 Simple and Casual
165477 Rugged and Exotic
165478 Edgy and Rebellious
165479 Adventurous and Fun
165480 Formal and Friendly
165481 Sporty and Ambitious

6. If your best friend dared you to not cut your hair for one year and let it grow out and he would do it to would you?

165482 Nope absolutely not
165483 Maybe
165484 Idk
165485 Give me some time to think
165486 I think so
165487 Of course

7. If you could be the main character of a really TV show but the director chose your hairstyle what would you say?

165488 Only if my hair stays short
165489 Maybe I'll debate it
165490 No
165491 Yes
165492 Depends on the haircut
165493 Only if my hair stays fairly long

8. How would your best friend start cutting your hair?

165494 Shave it off
165495 Comb it back into a bun and start on the sides
165496 Spike it up
165497 I don't trust them enough for that
165498 They comb it backwards and say all done
165499 I'm growing my hair out

9. Your son wants a haircut just nothing to short what do you pick?

165500 Shave his head I call the shots
165501 Man Bun so he can get the ladies
165502 Mohawk dads mini rebel
165503 Faux hawk so he can be the coolest kid in class
165504 Pompadour he'll fit in and look great
165505 Keep growing his hair out he doesn't want short so I'm giving him the opposite

10. Which haircut do you like best?

165506 Buzz Cut
165507 Man Bun
165508 Mohawk
165509 Faux Hawk
165510 Pompadour
165511 Long Hair
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