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What Unnatural Color Should I Dye My Hair Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. Which of these have you done at least once in your life?

159648 Double dated
159649 Stole something from the hotel
159650 Went on a trip with your partner without informing your parents
159651 Cheated on your best friend with his/her partner

2. Which of the avenger defines you?

159652 Captain America- Calm and thoughtful
159653 Iron Man- Chill and moody
159654 Hulk- Aggressive and powerful
159655 Thor- Always on the right time

3. Which has been your favorite WWE character of all time?

159656 The Undertaker
159657 John Cena
159658 The Rock
159659 Triple H

4. Which of these is your favorite male singer?

159660 Justin Bieber
159661 Zayn
159662 Ed Sheeran
159663 Shawn Mendes

5. Which is your favorite company when it comes to electronics and gadgets?

159664 Sony
159665 Apple
159666 Samsung
159667 Panasonic

6. Who is your favorite entrepreneur?

159668 Elon Musk
159669 Warren Buffet
159670 Bill Gates
159671 Mark Zuckerberg

7. Which social media platform do you use the most?

159672 Instagram
159673 Tik Tok
159674 YouTube
159675 Twitter

8. Which color attracts you the most?

159676 Red
159677 Green
159678 Black
159679 Pink

9. Which is your favorite car brand?

159680 Lamborghini
159681 Ferrari
159682 Mercedes
159683 Audi

10. What kind of friends circle you have?

159684 Mostly boys
159685 Mostly Girls
159686 Both boys and girls
159687 Not that big circle
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