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How Often Should You Wash Your Hair Quiz

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1. What describes your hair type the best?

147713 Straight
147714 Curly
147715 Wavy
147716 It depends on how I style it

2. How does your hair feel after a hair wash?

147717 Frizzy
147718 Greasy
147719 Bouncy
147720 Slim

3. Are you a sweaty person?

147721 Yes, I'm always sweaty
147722 Yes, but not much
147723 No, I use supplements to prevent sweating
147724 No, I hardly ever sweat

4. Do you apply conditioner after washing your hair?

147725 Yes, everytime
147726 Yes, but not always
147727 No, I don't think I need it
147728 No, I've never tried applying a conditioner

5. How do you keep your hair for the most part of the day?

147729 In a ponytail
147730 In a messy bun
147731 In a tight bun
147732 I let them free

6. Which of the following products do you never use?

147733 Dry shampoo
147734 Oil replacement
147735 Hair mask
147736 I use all the above products

7. How often do you comb your hair in a day?

147737 More than 10 times a day
147738 5-10 times a day
147739 Less than 5 times a day
147740 I comb my hair only after a wash

8. What is the length of your hair?

147741 Shoulder length
147742 Waist length
147743 Medium length
147744 Shorter than shoulder length

9. What do you feel about your hair after a wash?

147745 I love how my hair looks after a wash
147746 I don't like how my hair looks now but it will look better tomorrow
147747 My hair is never in place no matter how many times I wash it
147748 My hair is always the same, nothing new after a wash

10. Which hair styling products do you use on a daily basis?

147749 Hair straightener
147750 Blow Dryer
147751 Both
147752 None
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