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What Color Should I Dye My Hair Quiz

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Color of hair not only describes our likes and dislikes it also describes and represents our personality and character to the public. It let people around us know about our choices and also let judge about our thoughts we go through. Let's take this quiz & find out what color should I dye my hair.

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1. Which season do you consider that you need to take more care of yours?

55978 Summer
55979 Autumn
55980 Spring
55981 Winter

2. According to you, when you like to dye your hair?

55982 Occasionally
55983 Seasonly
55984 Never
55985 Whenever required

3. While choosing the color to dye your hairs what you care most about?

55986 What others would say
55987 You like
55988 Occasion to dye your hair
55989 Nothing

4. How frequently do you dye your hair?

55990 Monthly
55991 Once in a qaurter
55992 Never
55993 Anytime

5. What are the things you consider most while you dye your hair?

55994 Brand
55995 Color
55996 Duration
55997 All of the above

6. According to you when is the best time to dye your hairs?

55998 When need a change
55999 When look different
56000 Depends over the nature
56001 Anytime

7. For you what can be considered as your point of reference when you dye your hairs?

56002 Friends
56003 Family
56004 Partner
56005 Social sites

8. Did you ever dye your hair?

56006 Yes
56007 No
56008 Frequently
56009 At regular instance

9. Whom you prefer to dye you hairs?

56010 Parlour
56011 Anyone
56012 Yourself
56013 No preference

10. When you first dyed your hair?

56014 Teenage
56015 Adultery
56016 Recently
56017 Never
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