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Girl Personality Test: What Kind Of Girl Are You Quiz

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1. What's your preferred School Subject?

26562 Maths
26563 I don't have one
26564 That would be Social Studies
26565 Games

2. Do you like horseback riding?

26566 Yes! I do that consistently
26567 No
26568 Sometimes
26569 Never attempted

3. What's Your Favorite shading?

26570 Black
26571 Green
26572 Orange
26573 White

4. Where might you go around evening time?

26574 I'd go to a gathering
26575 I'd simply remain at home
26576 Explore the city during the evening
26577 Don't know

5. What sort of evaluations do you get?

26578 All A's
26579 I'm getting B's and C's
26580 In among A's and B's
26581 Poor for the most part

6. Do you live in a major house?

26582 I live in a nation where there's property surrounding us
26583 I live in a six-story stroll up in New York
26584 I live in a 4-story house
26585 None of the abovementioned

7. What sort of music do you like to tune in to?

26586 All A's
26587 I'm getting B's and C's
26588 In among A's and B's
26589 Poor for the most part

8. What number of sweethearts have you had for this present year?

26590 I don't think I've at any point had one
26591 Maybe a couple
26592 One
26593 More than three

9. What's your preferred sort of Flower?

26594 Lilies
26595 Sunflowers
26596 Tulips
26597 Rose

10. What sports do you like?

26598 Track, Basketball, and Volleyball
26599 I don't care about games
26600 I like to move more than games
26601 Swimming

11. Do you take a decent picture?

26602 Yes! I take a superior one when I'm behind the camera
26603 Sometimes
26604 Only when there's a kid in the photo
26605 Never, I m really awful

12. What's your fantasy work?

26606 I need to be a picture taker
26607 I need to work at a club for teenagers
26608 I need to be the star of a game
26609 I need to serve for the Indian Army
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