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Girl Personality Test: What Type Of Girl Are You Quiz

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1. What's Your Favorite color?

16409 Black
16410 Green
16411 Orange
16412 White

2. What's Your favorite School Subject?

16417 Maths
16418 I don't have one
16419 That would be Social Studies
16420 Games

3. Where would you go at night?

16421 I'd go to a party
16422 I'd just stay home
16423 Explore the city at night
16424 Don’t know

4. Do you like horseback riding?

16429 Yes! I do that every week
16430 No
16431 Sometimes
16432 Never tried

5. What kind of grades do you get?

16433 All A's
16434 I'm getting B's and C's
16435 In between A’s and B’s
16436 Poor mostly

6. Do you live in a big house?

16441 I live in the a country where there's land all around us
16442 I live in a six-floor walk-up in New York
16443 I live in a 4-story house
16444 None of the above

7. What kind of music do you like to listen to?

16445 I like pop and sometimes hip hop
16446 I like to listen to country and sometimes gospel
16447 I like electro and sometimes R&B
16448 All of them

8. How many boyfriends have you had this year?

16449 I don't think I've ever had one
16450 Maybe one or two
16451 One
16452 More than three

9. What sports do you like?

16453 Track, Basketball, and Volleyball
16454 I don't like sports
16455 I like to dance more than sports
16456 Swimming

10. Do you take a good picture?

16457 Yes! I take a better one when I'm behind the camera
16458 Sometimes
16459 Only when there's a boy in the photograph
16460 Never, I m too bad

11. What's your favorite kind of Flower?

16465 Lilies
16466 Sunflowers
16467 Tulips
16468 Rose

12. What's your dream job?

16469 I want to be a photographer
16470 I want to work at a club for teens
16471 I want to be a sports star
16472 I want to serve for the Indian Army
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