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How To Tell If You Are Lactose Intolerant Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. Does the consumption of dairy products give you digestive problems?

124212 Yes, very much
124213 No, never
124214 Sometimes
124215 Very less

2. How long does it take to have a stomach ache after the consumption of dairy products?

124216 Immediately
124217 After 24 hours
124218 Within 12 hours
124219 After 72 hours

3. Do you have genetic issues of lactose intolerance?

124220 Yes, my parents have it
124221 No, none in my family was lactose intolerant
124222 I have no idea
124223 Don’t want to answer

4. Have you faced stomach disorders even after consuming lactose-free content?

124224 Yes, I still have the symptoms
124225 No, the signs are missing
124226 I do not feel anything
124227 I have never tried lactose-free content

5. Do lactose content makes you feel bloated

124228 Yes
124229 No
124230 Sometimes
124231 Have no idea

6. Do you prefer chocolates and ice-creams to light up your mood?

124232 Yes, chocolates are stress busters
124233 No, I do not prefer chocolates and ice creams
124234 Very rare
124235 Don’t want to answer

7. Do you have any significant health issues?

124236 Thyroid
124237 Obesity
124238 Skin infections
124239 Don’t want to answer

8. How often do you consume dairy?

124240 Very often
124241 Sometimes
124242 According to my mood
124243 Extremely rare

9. Are you hesitant to consume dairy in front of your friends?

124244 Yes
124245 No
124246 Why should I?
124247 Nothing embarrassing happened ever

10. Have you been diagnosed with IBS before?

124248 Yes
124249 No
124250 Don’t know what IBS is
124251 Don’t want to say
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