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Quiz: How Well Do You Know About Plateaus?

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The plateau is a flat, elevated track usually consisting of relatively flat terrain, and well above the surrounding area. The plateaus are found on every continent and occupy one-third of the Earth's land. Plateaus are formed by several processes, including the rise of volcanic magma, the exit of lava, and erosion by water and glaciers. The plateau is a storehouse of minerals because it represents the ancient gradient of the earth's crust. There are two types of plateaus: Dissected Plateau and Volcanic Plateau. Moving upward in the earth's crust, a dissected plateau is formed and volcanic plateaus are formed by small volcanic eruptions that gradually increase over time, resulting in plateaus from lava flows. The largest and highest plateau in the world is the Tibetan Plateau. So let's start this quiz and know interesting facts about Plateau.

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1. Which of the following plateaus is known as the "Roof of the World"?

117344 Tibetan Plateau
117345 Colorado Plateau
117346 Deccan Plateau
117347 Katanga Plateau

2. In which of the following country The Columbia – Snake Plateau is located?

117348 Peru
117349 USA
117350 Mexico
117351 Argentina

3. Which of the following Plateau called "Canadian Shield"?

117352 Katanga Plateau
117353 Mascarene Plateau
117354 Laurentian Plateau
117355 Patagonian Plateau

4. Which of the following Plateau is mostly famous for Tin reserve?

117356 Massif Central
117357 Anatolian Plateau
117358 Spanish Plateau or Iberian Plateau
117359 Altiplano Plateau or Bolivian Plateau

5. ............ is famous for highly erodible soil?

117360 Loess plateau
117361 Pothohar plateau
117362 Bavarian Plateau
117363 Ahaggar Plateau

6. Which plateau is famous for the best quality wool-producing goat i.e. Angora goats?

117364 Pothohar Plateau
117365 Loess Plateau
117366 Anatolian Plateau
117367 Spanish Plateau

7. How much the elevation of the Peninsular Plateau?

117368 500‐900 meters
117369 600-900 meters
117370 600‐1200 meters
117371 100‐1000 meters

8. Which of the following river is divides the Peninsular Plateau?

117372 Ganga
117373 Narmada River
117374 Krishna River
117375 Godavari River

9. How many kinds of Plateau found in India?

117376 Six
117377 Two
117378 Five
117379 Three

10. Which of the following is the smallest plateau in India?`

117380 Deccan Plateau
117381 Deosai Plateau
117382 Mount Everest
117383 Chota Nagpur Plateau

11. Which of the following is another name of the Indian plateau?

117384 Deccan Plateau
117385 Tibetan Plateau
117386 Colorado Plateau
117387 Katanga Platea

12. Which of the following is the largest plateau in the world?

117388 Deccan Plateau
117389 Deosai Plateau
117390 Tibetan Plateau
117391 Pothohar Plateau

13. How much the elevation of the Tibetan Plateau?

117392 Over 5 km
117393 Over 10 km
117394 Over 3 km
117395 Over 15 km

14. Which of the following is the oldest plateau in the world?

117396 Loess Plateau
117397 Deccan Plateau
117398 Pothohar Plateau
117399 Anatolian Plateau

15. Which of the following is the largest plateau in Africa?

117400 Solfatara Plateau
117401 Kinangop Plateau
117402 Ethiopian Highlands
117403 None of these
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