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Which is The Best Anime to Watch and Enjoy Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. What do you look out in a movie?

64046 Thrill
64047 Action
64048 Comedy
64049 Nothing specific

2. How do you feel when you watch anime movies?

64050 You love them
64051 You feel excited and curious every moment
64052 Sometimes you have a mixed feeling of happiness and emotions
64053 Your emotions are quite similar as of the movie

3. How you react when the movie is somewhat related to your own life?

64054 You just react normally
64055 You become very emotional
64056 It automatically brings a smile on my face
64057 You start to pay extra attention to it

4. When alone, what do you do?

64058 Try to run out
64059 Watch movies
64060 Talk to girlfriend/boyfriend for hours
64061 Reading

5. Which is your favorite anime character?

64062 Edward Elric
64063 Light Yagami
64064 Guts
64065 Monkey D. Luffy

6. What is your favorite food?

64066 Spinach
64067 Pasta
64068 Potato chips & fries
64069 Chicken

7. What kind of anime program do you follow?

64070 RomCom
64071 Crime
64072 Humor
64073 Action

8. Who do you want as the central character of your anime?

64074 Boy
64075 Girl
64076 Both girl and boy
64077 Didn’t thought

9. Do you like monsters?

64078 Yes
64079 No
64080 Sometimes, when it has classy action
64081 I usually think of them in my dreams

10. What duration anime do you prefer watching?

64082 20-22 minutes
64083 That stretches to long seasons (sequel)
64084 It doesn’t matter
64085 More than 13 episodes
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