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English Sentence Improvement Quiz Questions and Answers

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1. She "did many mischiefs."

72435 Made many a mischiefs
72436 Made much mischief
72437 Committed many mischiefs
72438 No improvement

2. She has said so out of affection, do not take "it to heart."

72439 In heart
72440 It in the heart
72441 By the heart
72442 No improvement

3. I "would gladly accompany" your sister if you had asked him.

72443 Would have gladly accompanied
72444 Was to have gladly accompanied
72445 Will gladly accompany
72446 No improvement

4. What "are" needed are not large houses but small cottages.

72447 Were
72448 Was
72449 Is
72450 No improvement

5. The scheme "broke open" for want of funds.

72451 Broke up
72452 Broke down
72453 Broke out
72454 No improvement

6. His mother won't be able to leave for Varanasi "until they have arrived."

72455 Until they arrive
72456 Until they will arrive
72457 Until they will have arrived
72458 No improvement

7. The winter has "set out," and the days are getting cool.

72459 Set up
72460 Set in
72461 Set off
72462 No improvement

8. He could not help "but laung."

72463 Laughing
72464 But laughing
72465 Laugh
72466 No improvement

9. I am happy, but "I don't believe" what you say.

72467 I will not believe
72468 I am not believing
72469 I will not be believing
72470 No improvement

10. Let's sell a new sari with the annual bonus, "can we?"

72471 Can't we
72472 Don't we
72473 Shall we
72474 No improvement
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