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Types Of Forests In India Quiz: How Much You Know About Types Of Forests In India?

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1. In which forests, tall and straight trees are found, whose leaves are pointed?

149318 Mangrove forest
149319 Coniferous forest
149320 Wet evergreen forest
149321 Evergreen forest

2. Which type of forest is found in the Himalayan mountainous regions?

149322 Mangrove forest
149323 Wet evergreen forest
149324 Evergreen forest
149325 Coniferous forest

3. Which forest is called Gymnosperm?

149326 Mangrove forest
149327 Coniferous forest
149328 Wet evergreen forest
149329 Evergreen forest

4. Which are the types of forests with broad leaves?

149334 Evergreen forests
149335 Deciduous forests
149336 Prickly forests
149337 All of the above

5. The Western Ghats are found in high rainfall areas located in Northeast India and Andaman and the Nicobar Islands ...

149342 Mangrove forest
149343 Coniferous forest
149344 Wet evergreen forest
149345 Evergreen forest

6. Which types of forests grow in areas where the monsoon lasts for several months?

149346 Coniferous forest
149347 Wet evergreen forest
149348 Mangrove forest
149349 Evergreen forest

7. In which forests are orchids and ferns found in abundance?

149350 Evergreen forest
149351 Mangrove forest
149352 Coniferous forest
149353 Wet evergreen forest

8. Which type of forests are found only in areas where there is a moderate level of seasonal rainfall?

149354 Deciduous Forests
149355 Coniferous forest
149356 Wet evergreen forest
149357 Evergreen forest

9. Which one type of vegetation is found in areas of moderate rainfall?

149362 Tropical grasslands
149363 Temperate grasslands
149364 Both of the above
149365 None of these

10. Which of the following grasslands are found in the mid latitudinal zone?

149366 Tropical grasslands
149367 Temperate grasslands
149368 Both of the above
149369 None of these

11. Which type of forests are found in low-humidity places in India?

149370 Coniferous forest
149371 Wet evergreen forest
149372 Evergreen forest
149373 Thorny forest

12. Which types of forests grow along the deltas and banks of rivers?

149374 Wet evergreen forest
149375 Evergreen forest
149376 Mangrove forest
149377 None of these
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