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Test Your Knowledge About House of Nature Savanna Biome Trivia Quiz

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Biomes are a major part of terrestrial ecosystems. Under this, all the functional groups of flora and fauna are included. The complex bio-community that develops by harmonizing with the climate, soil, etc. of a particular state is called a 'biome'. There are five terrestrial biome regions in the world, which are divided on the basis of groundwater availability and temperature. The region has a humid-arid tropical climate. It is parkland land where some trees live in the grassland area. Its major regions are Africa, India, Brazil, Eastern Australia, etc. In Venezuela, this biome is called Lanos. Plants and animals of this biome area have the ability to tolerate drought and there is not much diversity in the trees. Elephant, hippopotamus, wild buffalo, deer, zebra, lion, cheetah, leopard, jackal, crocodile, hippopotamus, snake, AMU and ostrich are found here. This region is famous as the 'land of big victims' and the world-famous 'Zoo'. Human intervention has adversely affected the ecological balance of the region. Let's Pass This House of Nature Savanna Biome Trivia Quiz

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1. What is another name for the savanna biome?

33531 Taiga Forest
33532 Tundra
33533 Temperate grasslands
33534 Tropical grasslands

2. Which of the following best describes the temperature in the savanna?

33535 Cold all year long
33536 Freezing all of the time
33537 Warm most of the year
33538 Extremely hot all year

3. How can we protect Samana for the contamination of human activity?

33539 Respect and conserve grasslands
33540 Learn about savannas and teach
33541 Volunteer for a savanna restoration project
33542 All of above

4. On what continent is the largest savanna biome found?

33543 South America
33544 North America
33545 Africa
33546 Asia

5. Which of the following best describes the typical vegetation found in the savanna?

33547 Grasses with scattered trees and shrubs
33548 Sparse vegetation with lots of sand and rocks
33549 Lush vegetation with lots of trees
33550 No anyone of above

6. Which of the following animals would you find on the savanna?

33551 Wildebeests
33552 Zebras
33553 Elephants
33554 All of above

7. Tropical savannas extend throughout the majority of northern South America.

33555 Brazil
33556 Venezuela
33557 Colombia
33558 All of above

8. What animal living in the savanna is considered the fastest land animal reaching speeds of 70 mph?

33559 Lion
33560 Cheetah
33561 Zebra
33562 None of above

9. What event often occurs during the dry season of the savanna that helps to make way for new growth?

33563 Fire
33564 Dust storm
33565 Earthquake
33566 Flood

10. What biome is slowly taking over the savanna in Africa due to overgrazing?

33567 Temperate forest
33568 Desert
33569 Rainforest
33570 Taiga

11. What are the savanna grasslands in Australia called?

33571 Prairie
33572 Steppes
33573 Bush
33574 No anyone of above

12. How much area covered by the Savanna biome?

33575 204,376.52 km2
33576 104,376.52 km2
33577 304,376.52 km2
33578 604,376.52 km2
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