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Quiz: How Much You Know About Peyton Manning?

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Peyton Williams Manning is an American football quarterback player. He was born on 24 March 1976 in Louisiana, United States. Peyton Manning played in the national football league, manning one of the greatest quarterback players of all time. He is won 39 of 45 games his career. Let's know more about Peyton Manning.

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1. When was Peyton Manning's first game?

110646 1998
110647 1999
110648 2002
110649 2005

2. What year did Peyton Manning start in the NFL?

110654 1993
110655 1995
110656 1998
110657 2001

3. How many games did Peyton Manning win?

110658 195 wins
110659 200 wins
110660 210 wins
110661 240 wins

4. How many games did Peyton Manning play the season?

110662 17 NFL Season
110663 19 NFL Season
110664 23 NFT Season
110665 29 NFT Season

5. Where did Peyton Manning go to college?

110674 Tensions volunteers club
110675 Tennessee volunteers football
110676 Volunteers football club
110677 All of the above

6. How is Peyton manning playing style?

110678 Right handed
110679 Left handed
110680 Right left handed
110681 None of these

7. When was Peyton manning honored with NFL comeback player of the year award?

110682 2009
110683 2010
110684 2012
110685 2015

8. When was Peyton Manning honored with James E. Sullivan award?

110690 1995
110691 1997
110692 1999
110693 2002

9. When was Peyton Manning honored with the best college football player ESPY award?

110694 1998
110695 2004
110696 2007
110697 2011

10. When was Peyton Manning honoured with ESPY icon award?

110702 2010
110703 2013
110704 2015
110705 2016

11. When was Peyton Manning honoured with Walter Peyton NFL Man of the year award?

110706 2002
110707 2005
110708 2009
110709 2015
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