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Teaching Strategies And Techniques Trivia Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. Which technique of learning and training, develops the ability in an individual regarding problem-solving behavior?

193979 Simulated teaching
193980 Brainstorming
193981 Lecture method
193982 None of these

2. Simulation occurs in ....

193983 Natural environment
193984 Artificial Environment
193985 Both of these
193986 None of these

3. Which one of the following is not an example of simulation teaching?

193987 Roleplay
193988 Mimic
193989 Writing
193990 Bodily expression

4. Who introduces brainstorming?

193991 Alex F. Osborn
193992 pavlov
193993 Option 3
193994 Option 4

5. Why do teachers use the brainstorming method in the classroom?

193995 Generate a number of ideas
193996 To create attention on a particular topic
193997 To teach acceptance and respect for individual differences
193998 All of these

6. When does brainstorming occur?

193999 Writting an essay
194000 In an open class Discussion format
194001 In lecture method
194002 In practical class

7. Which one of the following is teacher controlled and information-centered approach?

194003 Brainstorming
194004 Simulation
194005 Lecture method
194006 Demonstration method

8. Which one is not the advantage of the lecture method?

194007 It develop good audience habit
194008 It is time saving
194009 It is costly
194010 All of these

9. Team teaching is also known as ...

194011 Co-teaching
194012 Practical teaching
194013 Practice teaching
194014 None of these

10. What are the objectives of team teaching?

194015 Develop quality of teaching
194016 Reduce the chance of errors
194017 Develop cooperation among the teachers
194018 All of these

11. Which university started team teaching?

194019 Harvard University of USA
194020 Delhi University
194021 Yorkville University
194022 Torrens University

12. In which method the teaching-learning process is carried out in a systematic way?

194023 Lecture method
194024 Story telling method
194025 Demonstration method
194026 Simulation method

13. Which one of the following is the merit of the demonstration method?

194027 It leads to permanent learning
194028 It can be a time-consuming method
194029 It can be costly
194030 All of these

14. Which one of the following is the demerit of the demonstration method?

194031 It imparts maximum learning to students
194032 It accounts for the principles of reflective thinking
194033 It helps a student in having a deeper understanding of the topic
194034 This method does not provide training for the scientific method
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