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Skills Of Communication Process Quiz

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1. Which of the following are the characteristics of effective Communication?

144884 The purpose of communication should be clear
144885 The language of communication should be comprehensible, simple and easy to understand
144886 Communication should be as clear and possible as possible
144887 All of the above-mentioned

2. Theo Hymen states that "the success of managerial tasks depends on efficiency:

144888 Contradiction
144889 Conflict
144890 Communication
144891 Curiosity

3. In the communication process, how many stages can the phases be divided into?

144892 Three
144893 Four
144894 Five
144895 Six

4. While sending the message, such an effort should be made that there is no frivolity on:

144896 Social beliefs
144897 Cultural beliefs
144898 Personal beliefs
144899 All of the above

5. The type of communication can be based on the relationship between communicator and communication:

144900 A internal communication
144901 View communication
144902 Formal & informal communication
144903 External communication

6. Communication is a mantra, another mantra is to influence the mind, who has said?

144904 F. g Mayer
144905 EG Mayer
144906 Claude shannon
144907 None of the above

7. The element of the communication cycle is:

144908 Medium
144909 Interpretation
144910 Behavior change
144911 All of the above

8. Which of the following is a personal social-psychological barrier described by Keith Devenish?

144912 Noise and distance
144913 The disqualification of the meaning
144914 Attitude
144915 All of the above

9. Which are the sender constraints?

144916 Social difference
144917 Balanced communication
144918 Using flawed methods
144919 All of the above

10. The concept of adult education is derived from which continent?

144920 From Asia
144921 From Europe
144922 From American
144923 None of these

11. The teaching is …………… between teacher and student.

144924 Response
144925 Interaction
144926 Both of the above
144927 None of the above

12. How many steps are in the general design of the teaching proposed by Herbert?

144928 One
144929 Two
144930 Three
144931 Five
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