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Quiz: Test Your Knowledge About Influenza A Virus Subtype H9N2

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The H9N2 virus is a rare subtype of the influenza virus (A). Avian causes influenza and flu disease. Scientists at the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and India's National Institute of Virology reported the virus in the Emerging Infectious Diseases Journal. According to the United States National Center for Biotechnology Information, the virus is found exclusively in wild birds. It has been reported through the World Health Organization that, while the avian influenza virus is spreading rapidly in poultry firms, human groups are also threatened by exposure to infected poultry or contaminated environments. Let's take an awesome trivia quiz about Influenza A Virus Subtype H9N2.

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1. The first case of H9N2 influenza virus in India has been seen in______.

53342 Uttar Pradesh
53343 Maharashtra
53344 Kerala
53345 Punjab

2. The H9N2 virus is a subtype of influenza virus A, which is the cause of bird flu as well?

53346 Animal influenza
53347 Human influenza
53348 Both of the above
53349 None if these

3. A microorganism that develops and reproduces itself within living cells is called......

53350 Protozoa
53351 Mitochondria
53352 Virus
53353 Bacteria

4. In which year was the virus discovered?

53354 Year 1892
53355 Year 1893
53356 Year 1894
53357 Year 1895

5. Virus invented by which scientist?

53358 Rutherford
53359 Dmitri Ivanovsky
53360 Adolf Mayer
53361 Andrei Famintsyn

6. Which class do influenza viruses belong to?

53362 Filamentous
53363 Isometric
53364 Enveloped
53365 Orthomyxoviridae

7. Which is the category of Influenza virus?

53366 Influenza A
53367 Influenza B
53368 Influenza C
53369 All of the above

8. H9N2 virus could potentially play a major role in the worldwide emergence of which disease?

53370 Influenza
53371 Cancer
53372 Diabetes
53373 Paralysis

9. The first case of the H9N2 virus was seen in which migratory birds?

53374 Peacock
53375 Pigeon
53376 Parrot
53377 Turkey Flakes

10. In which country was the first case of the H9N2 virus seen in the year 1966?

53378 United States
53379 United Kingdom
53380 United Arab Emirates
53381 Europe

11. Which one is the type of virus?

53382 RNA virus
53383 DNA virus
53384 Both of the above
53385 None of these

12. Which is most affected by influenza?

53386 Older adults
53387 Child
53388 Young
53389 Young adult
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