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Does She Like You Quiz

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Someplace at any phase of life, we as a whole really like somebody. So young men on the off chance that you have a wonderful pulverize in your life of which you have not affirmed her inclination for you, at that point this test is for you. This will tell you whether she loves you or whether she doesn't. So we should start with the fingers crossed. Let's check does she like me quiz.

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1. What do you think that she knows you or not?

423 Yes, we are friends
424 May be
425 Yes
426 Don’t know

2. Where did you meet her?

427 Office
428 College
429 Market
430 Pub

3. What do you think about whether she likes you or not?

431 Yes, totally
432 May be, not sure
433 No
434 May be only as friend

4. What do you think does she has a boyfriend?

435 No
436 Yes but they are thinking to break up
437 I don’t know
438 Doesn’t matter

5. What is best describe her?

439 She is too good
440 She is a beautiful princess
441 She is shy
442 She is too funny

6. What is her favorite color?

443 Red
444 Grey
445 Black may be
446 White

7. Which color of handbag she has?

447 Red
448 White
449 Pearl
450 Don’t know
Let’s start the quiz

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