Quiz - What Does My Crush Think of Me?

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Crush is an emotional and romantic feeling for someone that goes unexpressed. Mostly crushes don't have to be romantic but can be caring, erotic, amatory, ardent, and attached. Mainly your crush may signify emotions by giving him compliments, subtle touch, plan as per your choice, personal touch to conversations, and always responds text calls on time. Complimenting your crush on their personality or saying cheesy things before saying goodnight can surely make them smile. You should not always go all the way at first but try to take your time and let the conversation flow, avoid too many compliments, and make your crush yearn for some sweet and mushy words. Your crush understands you to the deepest and shares a romantic bond with you.

Questions Excerpt

1. How long have you known your crush?

A. Just met

B. Still Don't know

C. Long Enough

D. Since from childhood

2. What age group you belong to?

A. Teenage

B. Twenties

C. Late thirty

D. Old age

3. Have you two ever been on a date?

A. Still waiting for approach

B. Mostly on tea/coffee date

C. Once

D. Few times in a month

4. What type of vehicle do you prefer to travel in?

A. Sedan car

B. Public Transit Person

C. Bike

D. Any car can work

5. Is your crush friends with a lot of people of the opposite gender?

A. Nope

B. Reasonable Number

C. No Idea

D. No count of friends

6. What is your common interest of food taste?

A. Filet Mignon

B. Pizza

C. Fries

D. Nothing

7. How often do you both text each other?

A. Barely ever

B. Don't have each other number

C. Few times a week

D. Always at daily routine

8. What your crush do?

A. Study

B. Job

C. Business

D. Career Struggle

9. Did you ever talked or discussed to get married ever?

A. Never

B. Vaguely

C. Discussed with others

D. Always plan for our marriage

10. Where are you and your crush with each other?

A. School

B. College

C. Office

D. Public place

11. Do your family know each other?

A. Not at all

B. Relatives

C. Family friends

D. Yes formally

12. What is your call duration most of the time?

A. Hardly talk

B. 05-10 min

C. 15-30 min

D. As per time availability

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