How Many Boys Like You Quiz

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Do you think you have a boring love life? Do you think nobody has a crush on you? Or You are meant to be single? Let’s make your life interesting and help you get rid of these ugly thoughts from your life. Attempt our quiz to know how many boys have a crush on you.

Questions Excerpt

1. Has a boy ever asked you out?

A. I wish

B. Many Times

C. Not a single good looking boy

D. A few times

2. How Many dates have you been on?

A. Forgot to keep a count

B. Haven’t been on one since ages

C. Never been

D. Can’t really call it a date

3. Have you ever dumped a boy?

A. I date seriously

B. A lot

C. I wish but I got dumped first

D. Never been in a relationship

4. Have you ever wished to be the Diva of your School/College?

A. I am a Diva

B. I am better with my books

C. Every Morning

D. Who wants to be like her

5. If you were able to change something in your body would you do that?

A. I have a perfect body

B. Maybe a few things

C. Not really

D. Never thought about it

6. Do you have a crush on someone?

A. Forgot the count

B. Boys have a crush on me

C. Not really

D. A Few

7. What is important for you Love or Money?

A. Who cares about love when you have money

B. Both are important

C. True Love

D. Don’t care about either

8. Which movie genre do you prefer?

A. Romantic

B. Horror

C. Thriller

D. Documentary

9. Do boys look at you?

A. Never Noticed

B. They ignore me

C. Who else would they look at if I am there

D. Sometimes

10. Has a boy ever said “Hi” to you first?

A. Never

B. Once

C. I get irritated by the amount of “Hi” I get

D. A few boys have


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