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Intelligence Theory Quiz: How Much You Know About Intelligence Theory?

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Questions & Options

1. Who was the person to first introduce the Theory of Multiple Intelligences to larger audiences?

144051 Jackie Robinson
144052 Steve Howie
144053 Howard Johnson
144054 Howard Gadner

2. How many different intelligences are there?

144055 3
144056 12
144057 8
144058 80

3. This intelligence means you have great rhythm, a knack for creating, singing or playing melodies. Name it?

144059 Linguistic intelligence
144060 Musical intelligence
144061 Musically intelligent
144062 None of the above

4. People of this intelligence can talk to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

144063 Interpersonal Intelligence
144064 Intrapersonal Intelligence
144065 Linguistic Intelligence
144066 Musical Intelligence

5. Someone with this intelligence would have a really good handle on their own views and opinions, feelings and anxieties, and even goals and dreams.

144067 Musical Intelligence
144068 Linguistic Intelligence
144069 Interpersonal Intelligence
144070 Intrapersonal Intelligence

6. These people are those who know where the car is parked, as relationships in space - like which mall entracnce you came in and which way you went- stick in their brains and make sense.

144071 Bodily Intelligence
144072 Space Intelligence
144073 Spatial Intelligence
144074 Spacing Intelligence

7. These are the people who excel at using their bodies-dancers, athleted, certain acotrs or comedians, and just about anyone who has a talent for movement, whether it comes down to manual dexterity, eye-hand coordination, or complex whole-body endeavors

144075 Musical Intelligence
144076 Bodily-Kenesthetic Intelligence
144077 Spatial Intelligence
144078 All of the above

8. These people are good at finding patterns and completing mathematical equations. They see relationships between numbers, but also between effects and causes.

144079 Logical -Mathematical Intelligence
144080 Spatial Intelligence
144081 Bodily-Kenesthetic Intelligence
144082 Space Intelligence

9. These folks like words and gravitate toward the rhythm, meter, sound, or meaning of words.

144083 Spatial Intelligence
144084 Oral Intelligence
144085 Musical Intelligence
144086 Linguistic Intelligence

10. A person that has naturalistic intelligence....

144087 Decorates House
144088 Like cars
144089 Works well with plants
144090 None of the above

11. I am existentially intelligent, I am someone who ______?

144091 Is really good at math
144092 Ask a lot of why are we living questions
144093 Has a green thumb for growing plants
144094 Is able to get others to follow their lead

12. My mother has high interpersonal intelligence. I can tell by how ______?

144095 She makes friends quickly
144096 She speaks to dogs
144097 Great she cooks
144098 Fast she reads a book
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