Quiz: What Kind of Cat Are You?

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Cats are one of the cutest of animals around. There are different varieties of cat breeds and they may vary from Bengal cat, Persian cat, Siamese cat, and British shorthair. Cats are one of the friendliest of animals and they prefer to stay with their masters for their entire life. However, some enter the house for just food but most of them end up staying forever. So, how interesting it is when you perceive yourself as a cat. Let us take a quiz to find out what type of cat you are.

Questions Excerpt

1. How old are you?

A. 20 years

B. 25 years

C. 30 years

D. 35 years

2. What is the name of your breed?

A. Bengal

B. Persian

C. Siamese

D. British

3. Where do you mostly desire to live?

A. Inside my master’s house

B. In the forest

C. Inside the loft

D. Anywhere I suppose

4. What kind of eyes do you have?

A. I am blue-eyed

B. My eyes are brown

C. I have black eyes

D. Not sure about it

5. How different are you from other breeds?

A. Quite different

B. Almost similar

C. Very similar

D. Can’t say anything about it

6. Does your master pamper you?

A. Yes to a significant extent

B. To some extent

C. No not at all

D. I prefer not to say

7. Do you get along well with other mates?

A. Yes, I do

B. I hesitate to be friendly

C. I stay aloof from others

D. I think twice before approaching others

8. Do you feel proud of your breed?

A. Yes, I am proud of the breed I belong

B. I am a bit apprehensive about my breed

C. I do not bother about my breed

D. I am not sure about it

9. Is your breed the best in the world?

A. Yes, I think so

B. It is somewhat better but not worse

C. No, it is not

D. Never know what the world thinks about my breed

10. What is bad about your breed?

A. It is extremely overhyped

B. It is an average looking breed

C. It is futile to think about my breed

D. I cannot say anything about it


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