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Quiz: What Kind of Cat Are You?

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Questions & Options

1. How old are you?

54710 20 years
54711 25 years
54712 30 years
54713 35 years

2. What is the name of your breed?

54714 Bengal
54715 Persian
54716 Siamese
54717 British

3. Where do you mostly desire to live?

54718 Inside my master’s house
54719 In the forest
54720 Inside the loft
54721 Anywhere I suppose

4. What kind of eyes do you have?

54722 I am blue-eyed
54723 My eyes are brown
54724 I have black eyes
54725 Not sure about it

5. How different are you from other breeds?

54726 Quite different
54727 Almost similar
54728 Very similar
54729 Can’t say anything about it

6. Does your master pamper you?

54730 Yes to a significant extent
54731 To some extent
54732 No not at all
54733 I prefer not to say

7. Do you get along well with other mates?

54734 Yes, I do
54735 I hesitate to be friendly
54736 I stay aloof from others
54737 I think twice before approaching others

8. Do you feel proud of your breed?

54738 Yes, I am proud of the breed I belong
54739 I am a bit apprehensive about my breed
54740 I do not bother about my breed
54741 I am not sure about it

9. Is your breed the best in the world?

54742 Yes, I think so
54743 It is somewhat better but not worse
54744 No, it is not
54745 Never know what the world thinks about my breed

10. What is bad about your breed?

54746 It is extremely overhyped
54747 It is an average looking breed
54748 It is futile to think about my breed
54749 I cannot say anything about it
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