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What Breed Is My Cat Quiz

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Lovely, ain’t they? Animals are adorable. Domestic animals are common in every country. People are very fond of keeping domestic animals. Pet animals like dogs and cats are most common these days. Some people love to keep dogs as they are faithful, some love to keep cats as they find them cute and charming. Pets bring joy to families. Do you have a pet cat? What breed she is? Well, here is an interesting quiz to figure out what breed is your cat?

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1. What is the breed of your cat?

52666 Persian cat
52667 Bengal Cat
52668 British shorthair
52669 Others

2. What color cat do you have?

52670 White
52671 Chocolate
52672 Cinnamon
52673 Others

3. Which according to you is the best breed of pet cats?

52674 Persian cat
52675 Siamese cat
52676 Maine coon
52677 Ragdoll

4. Besides cats, do you have any other pet animal too?

52678 Yes, Dog
52679 Yes, Parrot
52680 Yes, Fishes
52681 No

5. Do your family members are emotionally attached to the cat?

52682 Yes, anyone
52683 Yes, Some of them
52684 Yes, me and my siblings
52685 No, only I

6. How much you paid to buy your cat?

52686 Less than $50
52687 $50 - $200
52688 $200 - $400
52689 More than $400

7. Which is the best quality your cat possesses?

52690 Inquisitive
52691 Friendly
52692 Playfull
52693 Loving and independent

8. Does anyone of your friends, relatives also have pet animals?

52694 Yes, many of them
52695 Yes, some of them
52696 No, but they will in the near future
52697 No, none of them

9. Does keeping pet animals help in enhancing any of the following qualities?

52698 Affection
52699 Loving nature
52700 Politeness
52701 Others

10. Are you really enjoying having a pet animal?

52702 Yes, absolutely
52703 Yes, probably
52704 No, not too much
52705 No, not at all
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