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Quiz: How Much Of A Cat Person Are You?

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Questions & Options

1. Which relation would have with a cat?

88326 My family
88327 My friend
88328 A cute animal
88329 I don't actually want any relation with cats

2. How you might show your love to cats?

88330 By smiling towards them
88331 I can't love them
88332 Just running and hugging them
88333 Sending love to them just through eyes

3. What value do you want in your friend?

88334 Honesty
88335 Loyalty
88336 Kindness
88337 Intelligence

4. Do you give nicknames to cats?

88338 Everytime
88339 Quite often
88340 Sometimes
88341 Never

5. When do you when you see a cat at your friend's house?

88346 Run towards them
88347 Smile at them
88348 Run away
88349 Depends on my mood

6. If you see a random cat on street, what will you do?

88362 Walk away
88363 Smile at them and leave
88364 Exchange friendly glance
88365 Take them to my home

7. If your friend gifts you a cat, what will you do?

88386 Just be so excited and hug the cat
88387 Just tell them to take away
88388 Might accept that
88389 Will smile but not accept

8. If your cat sits on your lap while you are working, what will you do?

88390 Just love it
88391 Tell them to leave since i am working
88392 Might smile or not
88393 I'll never have a cat

9. Is your phone storage full of Cats?

88394 Obviously
88395 Somewhat
88396 I keep them depending on my mood
88397 Not at all

10. If a person posts negative comments about cats, what will you do?

88398 Block them
88399 Argue with them
88400 Ignore
88401 It'll depend on my mood
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