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Which Famous Internet Cat Matches Your Personality Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. Which word suits your personality the most?

93842 Generous
93843 Caring
93844 Frowny
93845 Cute

2. What do you prefer for fun?

93846 Order people
93847 Listening to music
93848 Sleeping
93849 Running around like world is my playground

3. What is your feeling about your co-workers?

93850 I am the perfect one
93851 They are good
93852 I got my great friends
93853 Everyone is worst

4. When do you feel happiest?

93854 Happiness runs through my veins
93855 I prefer not to be happy
93856 When I see my people happy
93857 When I trick someone to do things for me

5. What type of person are you at a friend's party?

93858 The life of party
93859 Corner person thinking about philosopjhy
93860 Drinking hard liquor
93861 Trying to get out asap

6. What is your best physical trait according to you?

93862 Smile
93863 Resting face
93864 Eyes
93865 Lips

7. What is your favorite music?

93866 Something really strange
93867 Silence
93868 Romantic
93869 Soulful

8. Which trait do you wish to look at in others?

93870 Someone who shares some ideas
93871 Mutual dislike for others
93872 If they are manipulative
93873 Mutual dislike

9. What do you think when a coworker comes to you with some problem?

93874 I will always be here
93875 Trying to ignore
93876 Thinking about my food
93877 Move along

10. Which trait of yours do you need to work on?

93878 Ignorance
93879 Overreact
93880 Overthinking
93881 Stress
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