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Quiz: What Greek God Am I?

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Greek Gods and Greek mythology are very interesting. Greek Gods symbolizes profound knowledge, power, beauty, and wisdom. Are you popular among peers for your looks or maybe brainy acts? Sometimes your friends have compared you with a Greek God. I’m sure you also consider yourself a Greek God any day. Do you want to know with which Greek God you resemble? Take this short quiz to find out the Greek God hidden within you.

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1. What will you do if your partner cheats on you?

127001 Single
127002 Get violent, will take revenge
127003 Will ask about the reason and leave
127004 Silently leave

2. What is your aim in life?

127005 Successful
127006 Get a peaceful life
127007 Traveling the whole world
127008 Money with peace

3. Do you believe in inequality?

127009 Strongly yes
127010 Strongly no
127011 Sometimes
127012 Depends on the situation

4. Which is your favorite fruit?

127013 Apple
127014 Avocado
127015 Dragon fruit
127016 Kiwi

5. Which is your birthday month?

127017 January-March
127018 April-June
127019 July-September
127020 October-December

6. Which is your favorite superhero?

127021 Iron man
127022 Wonder woman
127023 Caption America
127024 Batman

7. What describes you the best?

127025 Funny
127026 Confident
127027 Shy
127028 Ambivert

8. What kind of movie do you like to watch?

127029 Romantic
127030 Horror
127031 Sci-fi
127032 Action

9. What scares you the most?

127033 Spiders, lizards
127034 Sudden loud noises
127035 Being alone at home
127036 Missing out in the crowd

10. What is your favorite season?

127037 Winter
127038 Summer
127039 Autumn
127040 Spring
Let’s start the quiz

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