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Quiz: What Do I Want In Life?

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Life is beautiful. Though we face many challenges day by day, we are still curious to know is it a fulling one or there is still something missing? It is interesting to know the truth, which makes us strong enough to handle all the ups and downs of life. Every one of us has goals in life, some can achieve those some are not. Well, these interesting questions on what I want to be in life solves the mystery by the end of the quiz.

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1. What you want to be in life?

52902 Actor
52903 Politician
52904 Professor
52905 Scientist

2. What are you missing in your life?

52906 Love
52907 Money
52908 Happiness
52909 Girlfriend

3. During free time you would like to do?

52910 Swimming
52911 Reading
52912 Visiting
52913 Adventure

4. In the 11th standard, what will you like to opt?

52914 Art
52915 Commerce
52916 Nonmedical
52917 Medical

5. Which is your favorite dish?

52918 Butter chicken
52919 Samosas
52920 Malai kofta
52921 Matar paneer

6. With whom do you want to spend your valuable time?

52922 Family
52923 Friend
52924 Girlfriend
52925 Alone

7. Which is your favorite season?

52926 Summer
52927 Winter
52928 Autumn
52929 Spring

8. In which car you want to ride in life?

52930 Audi
52931 Jaguars
52932 Fortuner
52933 Mercedes

9. In which class you are studying?

52934 5th
52935 9th
52936 10th
52937 10th

10. Do you read the newspaper?

52938 Always
52939 Sometimes
52940 Once or twice in a week
52941 Never
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