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Can You Guess Which Celebrity Do I Look Like Quiz

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OK prefer to know which Hollywood female VIP do you resemble? We regularly dream of being a popular character we like the most. We cherish, worship, even pursue our preferred big names and discover it an extraordinary compliment on the off chance that we look like a lot nearer with one of our favored enormous names. So if you are wondering which celebrity do you look alike then answer these questions.

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1. Which of these words depicts you best?

21666 Fun-adoring
21667 Capable
21668 Adorable
21669 Carefree

2. What is your regular hair shading?

21674 Blond
21675 Brown
21676 Black
21677 Burgundy

3. What shading eyes do you have?

21678 Chocolate Brown/Brown
21679 Very Dark Brown/Black
21680 Dark Gray
21681 Naturally Blue

4. What face shape do you have?

21682 Square
21683 Rectangular
21684 Oval/Diamond
21685 Heart

5. Which fun movement do you like to do?

21686 Shopping
21687 Hang out with companions/family
21688 Singing/Watching motion pictures
21689 Sports/Beaches and Internet

6. What is your skin concealing?

21690 Pale/Light
21691 Medium
21692 Golden
21693 Dark

7. How tall would you say you are?

21694 5'0-5'4
21695 5'0 and under
21696 5'6-5'9
21697 5'10 and up

8. What is a compliment about your face that you get more often than not?

21698 Cute nose/Rosy cheeks
21699 Big eyes
21700 Chizzled cheekbone
21701 Other

9. What pets do you like to have?

21702 Dogs
21703 Cats
21704 Turtles/Fishes
21705 No Pets

10. Do you think you resemble any superstar?

21706 Yes
21707 No
21708 Sometimes
21709 Only a specific VIP
Let’s start the quiz

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